Those out of reach

Just a touch-up on blogging, since I’ve been gradually putting words into my next post, ‘Reflection’. This post is part of the Daily Prompt where you write something based on a theme “Reach”. Whether it is non-fiction, real-life, creative, factual I got no idea however let’s give it a try.
I once had an interesting dream at one point, i still remember it strangely. It was at my old home where I was sitting in my older brother’s room. A van propped up at the driveway and a few men exited out of the vehicle. Where I was peering out of the window. I saw two people being abducted into the van. In haste, I ran to the front door however it was too late.

The van drove away.

Those two people were my parents. Of course it was just a dream. However I would like to mention the relations of close ones that people have. Although family may give you negative experiences. Give you problems, or impact you severely. They are however, the ones you have in the end.

Family is important I believe, whether slander (false statements that ruin reputation) or having a hateful impression on family by outside people is there. Whether its a matter of agreeing or defending is not the point. What I want to convey is that those who are slandering, don’t know the internal side of affairs like you as the individual does.

Similar to a plant, two plants side by side each other. One is naturally resistant to weather, and the other is  considerably weak. However, with weathering it becomes a conditioned plant. However it may not be noticeable, they are the same.

This can be expressed in another example, where absolutely poor parents raising a child up. The child, probably will not notice the severe conditions until that child who is now an adult, notices.
Outsiders may be stating, this family has no future. They are poor. However the child being raised with care, like watering a plant, sheltering from unsuitable conditions and moving to bigger pots, has grown up to be the best with a future. They don’t know their story like hopefully you do.

Which is why I say,

Screw those haters, they understand nothing.

In terms of friends, there’s an old saying, my little cousin quoted this. I’m sure you probably heard of it before.

Friends come and go

In a sense his correct, however where those friends become like family, it becomes a different idea. Where friends that resemble family are able to reach out when you are in need,  or for support, or to know where your fridge. Close friends that resemble family, are those that cherish.

When friends disappear, you will probably not notice.
When close friends disappear, it will hit you.
When your confidants (people who you share secrets) disappear, its will hit you hard.


When family disappears, it will destroy you, so cherish them.

So reach out to family whenever you can. Don’t ignore them for those that do. Whether it is a tough relationship, there may be a hidden element you may not know. The child who’s now an adult may not notice until it’s too late. The care and love from family that will always be there.
And for those that have conflict in family excluding abuse, I don’t know about you, however when they disappear forever. It will hit me hard with a lingering regret.

I know this is a highly arguable post, however have an open mind.

Hmm, See you in the next post,
Edward Luu

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