About me


Although you may be thinking to yourselves curiously, what makes goat cheese so creamy?
You’re on the wrong page, this isn’t about goat cheese. This is about concepts. Concepts and innovation not on technology.

But on design, life and frameworks.

Not the type that changes. But the one that stays within all the time. Ideas that help assist or provide the mindset which gets the job done. Because at the end of the day. It’s up to you whether the job is done.

Hey. My name is Edward Luu and here is a photo of me.IMG_1062.JPG

I’m currently a university double agent studying a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology at the University of Technology, Sydney. Majoring in data-analytics. And a Bachelor of Security Studies online at Macquarie university online. Tough, but doable. Hopefully it goes to plan and does not stack up collapsing down onto me.

My main career goal is to be a cyber security professional down the line. A person that does not break into banks and take money. But the type that breaks into banks (Its not what you think) legally and patch up holes.

I created this blog in a curious attempt to pool ideas and design not just for me but for you as well to share. Ideally, I reach out to students, adults, business workers craving for knowledge. Not on the hard-filled content of theory. But on improvements, assistance and mindset. And hopefully the tools of how to get there.