Damn it procrastination!

I know, its a common topic. Heck, everyone procrastinates. It’s not a bad thing until it gets too far deep where nothing gets done as a result.

This goes true to heavy planners. I will be deconstructing the issue of procrastination. Some elements that I feel like mentioning: Mentality, Effort, Time, Inertia and Objective. I’m going to use the word Inertia instead of the everyday, long-ass horrible word Procrastination.

As I am most likely one of the kings of inertia along with many tons of people. And probably wondering why I am explaining about the topic.

One of my core values in life is that anything can be dealt with excluding the limitations of time, health and effort. Let’s say outrageously you want to chop a tree with your hands. You’ll be limited by your body and health. Or being able to win every-time in everything. Your constraints will be all three. I will be explaining in a future post however the focus is procrastination.

So where am I going about with this? The idea is when there is an exceedingly high amount of effort needed for a task, unless it has enough importance mixed with consequence. It will generally not be done. Why?

Because unless time starts increasing it’s level of importance, then a virus called inertia will take it’s toll. Then one of the two things will either happen. (Or maybe a third)

  1. You will rush to the task in an attempt to finish it off.
  2. It will collapse onto you causing greater inertia.

When a task has been given, it may be an assignment or a major industrial project. Assuming there is a reasonable length of time given, there is generally a manageable level of effort that can be done. Whether you put it off or attempt it immediately is your choice.

Similar to a sand dial, there is a continuous, gradual increase in weight at the bottom of the sand dial as sand pours downwards. This is referred to as the mentality. Where the weight increases with respect to time. Eventually leading to a level of importance that “This task needs to be done now“.

The problem here is where there is room to fall into inertia, there will be inertia. Let’s say a person named Hat wants to aspire for certificates and become to be a professional. he makes a deal with yourself.

“I will be a professional one day

With the hype he has, he begins to watch videos and plan ahead, deciding what priorities, what needs to be done, and what tools he will need. Eventually when done, he states to himself “I will start tomorrow“.

He goes to sleep and next morning, Hat becomes too busy to do anything. Stating again at the end of the day.

“I will start tomorrow”. 

You know what’s going to happen here. Its not that he doesn’t want to approach his goals, and although it’s arguable that his too busy. Its because he has fallen into inertia with his goal.P3-CarrotOnAStick

That statement “tomorrow”  is like a carrot on a stick for you to eat. You go forward, however you cannot eat the carrot with your mouth. It’s only when you use your hands “today” that it becomes a possibility not an ideal hope and dreams.

Also, there is only so much you can plan for a goal. There is a term called over-planning and its uncertain when that point is reached. Mixed with hype, anP3-Mindsetd it becomes a deadly enemy.

So how would you know when you’re over-planning?

It’s a variable concept depending on what the task is. As I define over-planning where similar to over-engineering, as an over-investment of time. And without a benchmark or criteria to know when to stop. It becomes a time-waster which nothing gets done over the thrill of planning.

Planning comes down to a  fundamental truth.

Confidence (morale)

Confidence revolves around the concept of how well or how prepared are you towards the job?  Breaking it down further leads to two more truths behind confidence.

Detail (content) & Logistics (pathway)

Detail is the specifics of the job, the objectives and expected outcome. Whereas, Logistics refers to how the job is to be done, and within what framework.

Knowing this, now people who over-plan needs to derail the specifics of detail and logistics. Once enough confidence is gathered, then it is able to be executed.

(Hint: That was one of my absurd models)

Just remember that not everyone has the same level of confidence needed to execute, some can execute with uncertainty, others need full confidence to execute.

Procrastination tends to be minimal at first like a cute puppy. Growing up to a fierce guard dog. It is deadly and over-planning is relative to that idea including the thrills that come with it.

It comes down to mindset and approaching it early as possible before the weight increments into your back. And before you know it, a stack load of bricks will come down on you with an adrenaline rush pumping trying to dodge those bricks..

At the end of the day, whether you’re going to store it like a honey pot ant or use it is up to you.

I use to be a honey-pot ant, now I’m a tiger.

haha See ya in the next blog.

Edward Luu





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