A Little of here and now


Sitting here by the table at university typing my first post, with a brick load of work to do on the sidelines. Despite this, this post is an introduction to:

  1. Who am I
  2. Why I started blogging
  3. What am I going to blog about
  4. My goals and ambitions

You may or may not read the about me page earlier, If you haven’t so. My name is Edward Luu, who’s a university student by day, yet a visionary by night. Who loves to research random things that help myself improve as a person and by skill-set.

And a person who likes to sketch as well. Here’s a random sketch that I habitually tend to do.byTheTree




Now you’ve probably wondered, what made me start blogging? Well to be honest, I started blogging before however had a habit of putting it off simply due to the idea of how and what to blog. So I stopped. Resuming again with a clear idea in mind. The primary reason as to why I started again was this.

To further improve myself and to flake those improvements to you as the readers.

That’s all.

With a drive to blog as both my downtime and research, this is the core reason. As I am twenty-one years old, I wish to improve myself through skill set by experimenting and taking risk by trying out new ideas and seeing how it goes.

This brings be to the ‘What am I going to blog about’ Question. With a badly kept track record of university due to the lack of investment. It will be a mixture of self-help, business core and technical techniques that I plan to blog. Along with my absurd scientific models that I like to make.

Though these may subject to change, self-help refers to anything mainly psychologically or interesting including the mentality of the mind.

Whereas business core can refer to analytical or entrepreneur techniques relating to business.

Lastly, technical techniques is all about cyber security and programming design tricks or issues that I like to notice.

I know very vague ideas, however give me a break. This is my first time. As we go further into my blog, it’ll be a more concrete blog of information.

Before my class is about to start, the last thing I would like to mention is my career. My career is to be a cyber security professional. Although hard, its doable. With enough determination and practice in the right direction. It will be possible.

By the way, did you notice the model I just made?

(Determination + Effort)/ Direction (where direction is 10 -> 1) leads to progress.

Or was that a model? Hehe. See ya later in the next blog.


Edward Luu


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